Does bobby deen still dating katy mixon dating guide uk

Bobby DOES seem like he might be gay IF Bobby IS gay, he seems comfortable in his own skin with no need to flounce, sashay, pose or act up for anybody's queer self esteem. She is a tri-athlete and they spent Super Bowl weekend together in Savannah..go get a life! Parker, Speculating as to whether a man is gay is not "name calling," unless one is a bigot. Please examine your conscience: Is Datalounge a place where you can make a contribution?

He appears to be a bright, calm, kind, sexy, confident son making appropriate advantage of his family's hard work and fame. He got married last I wonder how they are going to retool his shownow that mom is off that channel. I remember when Paula got married, Bobby and Jamie came on the show in drag as her brides maids.

Total hunk.[quote] Bobby has dated GIRLS his entire life. As far as a lisp: he does not have one,,he has the southern thing... She's a poorly-educated country girl who worked her ass off and got rich. I love all the "how dare you gossip on a gossip site" people on this and other threads. Her personal assistant, Brandon Branch, is a huge queen and outer than out.

He's totally not gay and he DID lose a lot of weight. Sounds like a bunch of old, tired, bitter homos leaving comments. my relatives are all from the South and if u grow up with someone like Paula Dean- then u talk like that! he's nice,,, not gossiping about people in the media. People say it's because it's because of her fattening food and "hiding" her health issues, but I don't see similar venom directed at Ina Garten, who is fat, and who cooks fattening foods, or Giada de Laurentiis who cooks fattening shit that she couldn't possibly be eating. They are just outraged that people are speculating on the sex lives of celebrities, whether they are alive or, especially, dead. Based on his Twitter feed, he and Paula are extremely close.

She moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 2003, and two years later starred in the ...

He's 40, single/never married and southern...which means probably he's gay. This was all before the diabetes revelation came out, but I remember reading the BI thinking it was definitely Paula & Bobby. He's totally not gay and he DID lose a lot of weight. Sounds like a bunch of old, tired, bitter homos leaving comments. Why do you care so much if someone thinks Mr Deen swims in the man pond from time to time. If Bobby were gay it would be one of the nicer things about him given his redneck heritage. If you are gay, then you are living a special kind of pathology. He has a couple of extra pounds he could lose but he is very, very handsome in person - beautiful hair, skin, eyes, smile - the whole package. Why are you so worried about what he does in his bedroom unless u want to b there. Love u Deen all the people here talking about if he is gay or not: who cares? I don't think she would be fine with him being out as that might hurt her brand and or her purse.

It is highly unusual to toast with anything but a full glass of wine unless you are a pregnant woman.” The words from the insider fueled the pregnancy speculations for sure, but people also wondered if the change in weight was intended for her new role.

Recognized for appearing on hit television series like Mike & Molly and Eastbound & Down, Katy is currently entertaining the viewers as Katie Otto on the sitcom American Housewife, aka, The Second Fattest Housewife of Westport.

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At least he isn't making excuses, throwing shit on others, wishin and a hopin or jealously acting like immature queeny high school children. I'd do him whether he's str8, gay, bi or a lesbian. My guess is the wife will make the pointless cameo at the last five mins reassuring the viewers the food doesn't taste like shit.

Katy Mixon has often been under the media scrutiny over her pregnancy rumors. Katy was rumored to be pregnant for the first time when she was in a relationship with Bobby Deen.

She graduated from the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

Her first acting job came in 2001, playing "Calpurnia" in the Utah Shakespearean Festival's presentation of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar".

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