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Its on a video that I have, but Id like to get it on cd. We were early so the owner introduced us to the young duo, Timo and Tyler, music students at the college down the street. I gather that he moved from Finland to Canada in the late 1940s to work in the mines in Northern Ontario and eventually retired to Finland.

The Wikipedia entry for him seems to have him dying in Canada in 2006 - but it's in Finnish so maybe it really says something else. By the way, if you see the book and it has an index, Dunbarton High should be mentioned. Location: Greater Copenhagen Subject: The schoolboy band - 50th anniversary Latest video from our schoolboy band in Finland (or what is still left of it - no, I am not a member anymore). Please google (or use Duck Duck Go, even better): Ville Valo & Agents - Paratiisi | Emma Gaala 2019 .

Please google: Bina Nkwazi - Burning love Location: Scotland Five for Friday Steven Stills Manasas Graham Nash Songs For Beginners CSNY Deja Vu Neil Young Comes A Time Frankie Miller Easy Money - Reggie Young at his best. Location: Greater Copenhagen Subject: The Shadows (especially to the Britts) Do you still remember the torturous guitar sound of THE SHADOWS? The melody of this song is a Russian folk song in minor which is popular even in Finnish tangos. Glenn: have you read (perhaps in between halves at soccer games) the recent Joni biography? I recall seeing his (Fat's) reconstructed, post-Katrina, white baby grand at the National Park Service venue in New Orleans.

It will make success in karaoke in Thunder Bay, North Ontario. ) Location: Greater Copenhagen Subject: "Those were the days", Charlie Y(oung) and other gbers from the past Please Google (or use Duck Duck Go, even better) the Finnish band "Leningrad Comboys Those were the days" in Paris in 1994to see what I mean Location: Greater Copenhagen Subject: Charlie Y(oung) from "the ol' Virginny" Welcome back to gb, Charlie. As complicated a person as her music, but well done nonetheless. I always had the sense that she liked touring about as much as our 5, once they were the Band, i.e. I only saw her once, circa 1975 at a huge arena, I think NHL sized in St. A good stop for anyone down there; they actually do a free jazz gig for about an hour or a bit more.

For example, the second time I saw him, maybe '76, he was in the stellar band that was assembled for the launch of Bill Amesbury's A Thrill's A Thrill.

The title song was later covered by others, including Long John Baldry, though I think not by Lou Reed, who inspired at least part of it.

His big number with Edward Bear, both onstage at Dunbarton High and on the first album, was Everyday I Have The Blues, which I suppose was the first blues song I heard.

I've seen Marks approximately a million times since, mostly leading his own groups but also in those of others.

The most bizarre moment from the outtakes of the film was seeing a good number of what was left of the festival audience that Monday morning walking AWAY from Jimi Hendrix as he played one of his most famous sets. v=pv WGgw FP7No Nw C: Apparently we've scared everyone else away because of all this Fenno-centric talk, so I guess we should return to mucic.

1.) He performed in shows which were arranged to the soldiers in WW2 in East-Karelia.

My granny's cousin (a singer) was a member of these shows exactly in the same areas in the front.

Actually, with your links to Ireland, check out anything by Maura OConnell. Hope you are getting some rest and that your work situation has improved, with you travelling less.

I only know three Joni Mitchell albums well and am tempted by the new box set.

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