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Make virtual journeys to explore mainland Britain with Eye2eye Britain's armchair travel. Step N, E, S and W between 3,000 places around the whole country on your PC.The DVD-ROM's vast content of 1,600 panoramas and over 11,000 photos is brought to life by Eye2eye Britain's pioneering armchair travel.Eye2Eye is fully committed to collecting research and raising awareness in a multitude of industries, as well as holding our annual conference to combat this epidemic.We aim to develop informational and unique research that will aid us in expanding to other universities so that we may lead the collegiate gender inequality research platform throughout the United States.In 2005 the recording sessions for their debut album finishes, and while mix and production are finalized in 2005 the band starts looking for a label.Legendary French record label Musea Records decides to sign the act, and in October 2006 Eye To Eye's debut album One in Every Crowd is issued, to a generally favourable reception.The founders’ own experiences of workplace and collegiate discrimination shaped their drive to end gender inequality.

As part of the overall project we created a memorable “eye” logo that includes three main references: an eye, a heart and a radar signal.Everyday millions of people pass each other by and the chance of romance — even love.The new app ‘s uniqueness is based upon already having seen each other in person and ‘sharing a moment’.These experiences, coupled with eye-opening research conducted by organizations like the ITUC, are what pushed the team to create Eye2Eye.Eye2Eye hopes to lessen the gender pay gap and end gender discrimination against all genders in the workplace and in schools not only across the nation but throughout the world.

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