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I received a request for a mulberry wine recipe beyond what is published in my Requested Recipes section.

The only mulberry wines I have made followed the recipes I published.

The mulberry recipes I found were, for the most part, similar to the ones I published.

The major differences were not in the quantity of fruit but rather adding or not adding raisins as a body builder. A body builder is required if the wine is to have any weight in the mouth.

To be honest, I don't know how long this wine will age.

They're worth reading even if you aren't interested in their tasting notes. Here are a few of them I like, listed in a loose alphabetical order (by blogger): Alder Yarrow's Vinography: A Wine Blog Ben Evert's Making Homemade Wine and Beer, about home winemaking Ben Hardy's Ben's Adventures in Wine Making, a very fun read from across the Atlantic Charlie Short's Clueless About Wine Chef Neil's A Wine Making Fool's Blog, a lot of fun to read Chris Nuber's Texas Wine Blog, a good, unbiased read Darcy O'Neil's The Art of Drink Eric Asimov's The Pour Erroll's Washington Winemaker Frugalwinemaker's Frugal Wine Making Ian Scott's The Home Winery, about home winemaking James Jory's Second Leaf, about home winemaking Jamie Goode's Jamie Goode's Wine Blog Jeff Lefevere's The Good Grape: A Wine Manifesto Jennifer's My Wines Direct Jorray's Chez Ray Winemaking Karien O'Kennedy's New World Winemakeer Blog Ken Payton's Reign of Terrior, lots of good interviews Ken W.'s Ala Mal's Wine Amateur Marisa D'Vari's A Wine Story Mary Baker's Dover Canyon Winery Michelle's My Wine Education Mike Carter's Serious About Wine Mike Mc Queen's Life on the Vine Noel Powell's Massachusetts Winemaker Noel Powell's Random Wine Trails [no name]'s Budget Vino..the and Under Crowd [no name]'s Two Bees Wine, about home winemaking Russ Kane's Vintage Texas, searching for Texas terroir Sondra Barrett's Wine, Sex and Beauty in the Bottle Steve Bachmann's The Wine Collector: Practical Wine Collecting Advice Thomas' Vines & Wines Thomas Pellechia's Vino Fictions, interesting variety Tim Patterson's Blind Muscat's Cellarbook Tim Vandergrift's Tim's Blog, a humorous and enjoyable flow from Wine Expert's Tim V.Tom Wark's Fermentation: the Daily Wine Blog Tyler Colman's Dr.Vino's Wine Blog If you happen to live anywhere in South-Central Texas and do not belong to a home winemaking club, please consider joining the San Antonio Regional Wine Guild (SARWG---pronounced Sar-wig).Add thawed grape concentrate, pectic enzyme and yeast starter solution and re-cover the primary.Set aside until vigorous fermentation subsides, stirring daily, but do not exceed 10 days.

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