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Those who were gathering in the Gulf escaping from Nasser were behind the formation of plenty of "political Islam" movements we see nowadays in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Palestine.The second dynamic has much to do with the massive religious influence Egypt enjoyed via the Al-Azhar Mosque and university.The dynamics in Egypt have inspired a domino effect in Arab countries over the last six or seven decades, if perhaps not the last two centuries.

It was meant to kill the first democratic experience in Egypt as the counter-revolution coalition knew very well that any setback in Egypt would gravely affect the entire Arab world, even the whole Middle East.

Egyptian movies and series are still being watched by millions in the distinct 22 Arab countries.

Being distinguished in the historical, political, religious and cultural areas, Egypt was the most influential country during the Arab Spring.

With a view to keep power within their hands, consecutive Egyptian military rulers spared no effort to curb the role of this substantial institution.

Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, the current president who came into power via a military coup, followed in the footsteps of his army successors by issuing many decrees aimed at downsizing the authorities of Al-Azhar's Grand Mufti, the last of which was el-Sissi's decree to ban the Grand Mufti from traveling abroad unless they get a permit from the president in person.

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