Friends when do chandler and monica start dating

Also pointing at each other or the other friends was a pretty classic move.Sometimes you just need someone who knows how you feel without words; Joey and Chandler have it down to an art.Even more frustrating — their pairing came called this relationship plot line a "gross misfire," counting this episode among the weirdest in Friends history.Luckily, not long after the kiss that fans can't unsee, writers realized their folly and split Rachel and Joey up, eventually reuniting Ross and Rachel (and baby Emma) in the series finale.Joey and Chandler were always making interior design choices together in the ultimate expression of bromance.

There is hardly a sitcom more talked about or more in demand than this show; Netflix even paid 0 million just to keep it streaming.The bromance of all TV bromances, these two were inseparable.There was never a dull moment when one of them was on screen, never mind two.We get it — it was the 10th season and it's hard to come up with fresh storylines when a show has been running that long.But pairing Rachel and Joey, two characters with zero chemistry, when fans had been begging for years for a Ross and Rachel reunion, was sure to enrage audiences.

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