Fusion 101 dating site

Another fall down of the site is that the layout, design and atmosphere are pretty dated, so if you are looking for something flashy and professional looking then you may be a little disappointed.

(1) is to make the site mobile friendly (done of sorts); (2) to fix major bugs (done); (3) to move old info pages to proper CMS (done – what you are looking at now); (4) to add better features like distance searching and larger/more photos (to do); (5) make all 300,000 profiles in the database searchable!

The member login is located at the top of the page and is pretty explicit, but you can also click the link located just beneath the login to create an account.

Fusion101 doesn’t seem to have an app on the i OS store so I cannot comment on the mobile login, however, the chances are that if they did have an app it would be as simple as the desktop site.

If you think it’s a useful service and want to help me sort the site out please consider a small donation here.

In a world of speed dating full of naughty moments and intense flirting, it can come as quite a pleasant surprise when you stumble across a Christian dating site.

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