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So it didn’t come as a surprise when his ex-wife referred to his penis as “stubby” confirming his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman’s statement about his penis being “Tiny, tiny, tiny!

”The James Bond hotshot wasn’t quite the showy one when it came to nude scenes in Casino Royale, he used his body double for that job.

Online, it seems though, it is very rare that, on a hook up sites, you come across someone with a small dick, as it is stated on profile.

I often heard from guys that people are not sometimes as big as they suggests they are.

I am on the small side, and I do wish I am bigger, and bit self conscious about it, even though it's not the most important thing and it may not matter, we cannot argue that it does not matter to some, and it just bit bothers me a bit.

So question is, anyone with a small penis on Realjock, raise your hand and make me feel better.

Brad’s BFF Clooney once put a sticker on his car that read “small penis onboard”.

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