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Luckily, for the driver his doors were locked when the man originally came out of the woods." Wilton police officers arrived and found "blood on the ground." "I'm not really sure how significant the injuries are or if they're life threatening or not but they seemed to be pretty serious," Tornello said.

"The guy jumped off the truck while it was going, and had already been taken to Danbury Hospital by an ambulance out of Georgetown by the time our guys got there. He was rushed to the hospital, not sure of anything else." According to Tornello, Redding police are investigating who the man is and why he was in the woods. "But because it started at the Days Inn, Redding is investigating the origins. The man had no ID on him — no clothes — so I know they're going to need some time to find out those answers." The Redding Police Department did not respond to a phone call Sunday around p.m.

While I have gotten better at shutting down the people asking, I have also found that taking nudes or risqué photos of myself has become an extremely empowering act in regards to how I view and appreciate my own body.

I have found that when you start taking photos of yourself—for yourself—you quickly learn how to find and recognize the things you personally like about your body rather than worrying about anyone else’s opinions.

Traffic backed up on Route 7 in north Wilton early Sunday morning after a naked man jumped from a moving pickup truck and suffered a serious head injury.

Redding police are investing who the man is and where he came from.

What is important to remember, despite being personally encouraged by my puzzle’s outcomes, there is still a stigma that surrounds the idea of nude photos.

Taking nude photos has encouraged me to appreciate my body and has opened my eyes to my own sexuality.

After years of simply pleasing others without question, focussing on my own sexual desires has introduced a new level of self-love that had ceased to exist in my life until this point.

For myself, *the* moment came early in my teenage years and has continued through to my early twenties.

It’s that split-second realization that the person you’re talking to or interested in is more interested in seeing your body than your soul. ” message, consider yourself lucky, as for those of us who have—we know the uncomfortable position this question can put a person in.

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