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This study examines male-to-female physical abuse within adolescent relationships.

Analyses use data describing 603 opposite sex relationships reported during Wave II of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) matched with data on the individual characteristics of both the reporting females and their male partners from Wave I.

These findings suggest that relationship seriousness, which did not itself predict abuse, may act as a catalyst for the influence of some individual-level characteristics on the occurrence of abuse in relationships.

Nearly all high school students have, at some point, wondered whether their GPAs are good or not. How do you compare with all the other high school students in the country?

ou should know whether your high school reports GPAs on a weighted or unweighted scale.

Weighted GPAs can be higher than 4.0 and take the difficulty of a student’s coursework into account.

Now let's take a closer look at the GPA data, starting with the overall averages.

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This wonky scale meant that the average weighted GPA was a 3.36, so a 3.0 would have been below average in the context of my school's GPA scale.

The other characteristics were each only predictive for either males—Verbal IQ, Fighting, Attitudes About Sex and Relationships, and Past Sexual Behavior, or females—Mother Relationship, School Attachment, Drinking Behaviors, and Depression.

Analyses also revealed that associations between different individual-level characteristics and relationship abuse were dependant on relationship seriousness.

The average GPAs for these different types of courses were as follows: This data shows that students tend to have lower average GPAs in math and science courses compared with English and social studies courses.

NCES also provided some interesting (and a bit upsetting) statistics on how average high school GPA differs with regard to gender and ethnicity: According to this data, female students tend to have higher average GPAs than male students do.

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