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If Carrie does NOT marry Aidan, it will STILL mess up the show. The only person that really had not ever talked about wanting to get married or the whole relationship thingy was Samantha. All these years, they have had the round table discussion about men and marriage and all that. Originally posted by futurestar1: My feelings are so hurt. Onlinechat will not be asked to provide your email Onlinechat co in You can chat without providing email or any personal data.So now, that it is beginning to happen, YOU DON'T WANT IT? I don't believe that women are cut out to have meaningless sex forever. She's trying to prove to herself that she doesn't need anybody, when in fact she does. Yes, it was dating/relationship issues and all that drama in the previous seasons. Did you notice her dress with the pink and green in it? Carrie and Aidan, although they love each other, are quite different -- do you think they will make it? I hope he will "see the light" and realize the error of his ways. When I saw the previews from last week I thought she had truly met another man...just a gay shoe salesman. I saw an article in a mag (I think In Style--one of my standing in line at the grocery store reads ) that said Carrie's ring is 3 carats and costs ,000!! Anyway, I don't think the premise of the show will change much because although they may all be in relationships (with the exception of Miranda), they still deal with relationship issues. But I cracked up at ol' over-the-top Anthony and Charlotte's spread in H&G. I liked her blue and cream gear in her scene with Richard at the office. I am very sad that Charlotte and Trey are having problems. That girl is about to fall hard and I think Richard is going to drop her like a hot potato!! Carrie in a couple (stable, etc.) does not bode well for the show. I would hope that he would realize is mother is crazy when he goes back home.

This is the natural progression for these four women.

But I did like the Manolo Blahnik shoes that Pete chewed and how the girls were dressed over at Charlotte's apartment. Carrie has convinced me that there are no fashion police in New York. I don't think this will change the show too much because this is all new for Samantha. She's not a relationship person, so there's gotta be drama there somewhere. I mean, Charlotte and Trey's problems alone will make for interesting TV. IMO, she looked great at the end of the show in the shirt. I would hope that he would realize is mother is crazy when he goes back home.

Sam settling down would take a lot of spice out of the show. And I'm with you on that Roberto Cavalli outfit Carrie was fighting w/Aidan over. I thought that was very insensitive knowing how she felt. Her classy, conservative style does remind me of a young Hepburn... But, I think they can open up a whole can of worms with the relationship/marriage issues. I thought it was really sweet that he came back to do the H & G spread with her. How is she going to get mad when he was interested in talking to other men at that club?!?!

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