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The country is very rich in ancient monuments and artifacts from different epochs in its 1,300 year history and beyond.’s political system is a parliamentary republic.

After the fall of communism in 1989 the country started on the road to democratic reform and has now reached significant progress in recent years.

Record temperatures, above 40 Celsius, are expected later today and already the white marble terracing of the outdoor theatre is like a hot iron, so Mira and I take refuge at a caf nearby. I mean when you go for a coffee you go for at least two hours.' There were Jewish, Romanian, Greek, Turkish and Gypsy quarters, and the only bad time she can remember was the ill-fated name-changing policy of the 1980s when those of the minorities who refused to change their name to a Bulgarian equivalent were victimised, being refused work and all benefits.

A mindless drum and bass sample thuds out, hugely over-amplified. She had many Turkish friends in school who were forced, temporarily, out of the country.

In Western Europe a major highway like this would be a development magnet, studded with warehouses, distribution centres and business parks.BNT 2 (BNT dvama) is a Bulgarian television channel, operated by the Bulgarian National Television. TV Stara Zagora or TVSZ is a Bulgarian television station broadcasting from Stara Zagora, Bulgaria and it is airing news, films,...The channel broadcasts original programs, newsca... City TV is a Bulgarian cable and satellite music channel from Bulgaria. BNT World is Bulgaria's international television channel owned and operated by the Bulgarian National Television, lunched in 1999. Private TV is the best source for adult movies and videos.Situated in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria occupies the northeastern part of the Balkan peninsula. It has a 378 km borderline with the Black sea to the east.Bulgaria neighbors Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro to the west, Romania to the north and Greece and Turkey to the south.

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