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Visitors will hear stories directly from the miners and their families.

Learn about the resource that helped build the great nation that is Canada.

Learn more Peggy’s Cove is set along the rocky shores of the Atlantic Ocean on Nova Scotia’s South Shore and is noted as one of Nova Scotia’s most breathtaking and famous landmarks.

Perched atop massive granite rocks, the iconic red and white lighthouse is a photographer’s dream and most often, the first destination for those new to Halifax.

His relationship with Helen Keller brought in the Braille language, he oversaw the construction of the “Silver Dart”, Canada’s first powered flight machine, and he also built an airplane on water (known today as a hydrofoil) – the HD-4.

Today, visitors can see a life-size replica of this famous boat as well as many more models, replicas, photo displays and artifacts.

Learn more Located on Chéticamp’s doorstep, Cape Breton Highlands National Park – one of Nova Scotia’s largest protected areas - is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

Influenced by Scottish, Irish and Acadian traditions, this musical experience will introduce your passengers to professional local entertainers as they sing, step dance and of course, play the fiddle in a traditional Gaelic social gathering called a ceilidh.

Learn more The Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site chronicles the milestones of the man who invented the telephone and so much more.

Go deep, deep underground for a tour of the Ocean Deeps Colliery and learn firsthand what it was like to work in the mines from actual retired coal miners who guide visitors through the subterranean maze that they worked in for many years. Learn more During the second World War, Sydney Harbour was a key strategic port against a German invasion and acted as the assembly point for convoys to England.

The Fort Petrie Military Museum honours this military history that helped to win the war.

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