Hot teen dating

Additionally, teens need to learn how to make good decisions, such as the following: Hopefully by the time you have reached Step three, everyone in your audience is well aware that dating violence is a critical problem that must be prevented.Now is the time to stress how important it is for everyone to work together to put an end to TDV.Below are some activities to help ensure that teens remain engaged and stay on the right relationship track: 1) Enlist the participation of student leaders and athletes by asking them to role-play examples of healthy relationships.

Successful completion of Step Four requires teens to understand the key elements of a healthy relationship.Stopping teen dating violence before it has a chance to unfold is an ambitious but attainable goal.Preventing dating violence requires educators to bolster the confidence of teens and help them realize that they can play an active role in preventing TDV.You can do this by using the strategies below to help teens learn how to safely end an unhealthy relationship: 1) Start off with some open-ended questions to engage the audience: 2) Use a multimedia approach by showing a short DVD that illustrates how to end unhealthy relationships.3) Stress the importance of maintaining strength when ending a relationship by distributing the Esteem Bottles.

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