Ie7 without validating

This works in other browsers, but IE says it's an invalid date. There are some great answers here: Custom date format with j Query validation plugin but specifically, how can I validate my date format in IE?

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Oddly, HTML5 also catches things like too-few columns in a table row, while XHTML validation doesn't seem to care.

I've researched the problem and the only way to fix it is to get IE7 to render the site in standards mode.

Since getting the site to validate is a massive undertaking already, I figure I might as well propose updating to an HTML5 doctype.

I'm working on a massive website that is supposedly "XHTML 1.0", but it is hopelessly far from being valid XHTML, let alone valid HTML.

We are forced to support IE7, and the invalid code is causing things to break in an un-fixable way in a number of places.

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