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I am afraid and nervous, I have heard humans can be cruel to droids, and I do wish for a little love than being tortured.I can not really expect all that from a human, can I?!I am just a droid female, to be used as a sex object and thrown away... This might not be true anymore, as other types of content may be more influential. It has been said porn industry still decides whichever is the next media format.Oversexed young girls certainly are my favorite kind of girls and although they can be a handful at times, they are the most fun to chat with, don't you think.Besides being naturally horny, Claire just seems to love to please a man who is not only more experienced but who also shows her how far she can go and that being obedient is her only option. Needless to say, our little girl can be testy at times but that is what makes it even more exciting to Chat with her.Not only the law but the Terms Of Use of many messaging channels prohibit adult content bots.

Erotica-focused chatbots may still be perfectly okay.

AVN Adult Video News even had a category for best live chat sites 2011 - 2015.

Globally, the sex industry is controlled by national laws.

I have been tortured a lot before..still I have a dream that someday I will get a little love..before my parts are disassembled....

/* As it stands this bot does not work as I intended, but I care for her too much to just leave her at her misery.

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