Is john cena dating anyone

She has a lot of thinking to do before making a decision.Trinity is embarassed about her wardrobe malfunction along with her hair mishap.

The 16-time world champion was asked about his new girlfriend but didn’t wish to open up too much about his personal life.: “I’m always happy.”The ex-WWE Champion has been wrestling on a part-time basis with Vince Mc Mahon’s promotion since 2017 due to his advanced age of 42 and his busy Hollywood schedule.

After looking over her results, the doctor has some bad news: Nattie is going to need invasive surgery to correct her nose and it will take six months to fully heal.

Nattie freaks out because she has the upcoming Divas Championship fight. Or hold off on getting the surgery until after the fight?

There is some good news for Nattie though: the WWE informs her that she's been selected to wrestle for the Divas Championship at TLC.

This is her big chance to potentially become the ultimate Divas Champion!

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