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The Pepsi Cola drink is being marketed under the name of Lebar because the Indian government discourages foreign companies from using their international brand names since these would give them an advantage over their Indian rivals.Lebar is at pres- ent being marketed in three towns but Pepsi Co plans to sell its entire range of soft drinks all over the country.Mr Salinas’s initiative fol- lows pessimistic conclusions he drew during a visit to west- ern Europe in January about the implications for Mexico of economic integration in 1992 and the preoccupation with democratisation of East Europe.Mr Miguel Angel Toro, Mexico’s chief trade negotiator, calculates that a free trade agreement with the US would generate 500,000 jobs a year.Instead, Ankara is keen to dis- cuss what it regards as the more messing issues of ftdestine and The Government announced it would support the introduc- tion of a separate resolution submitted by Pakistan into the ICO meeting’s agenda, following a visit by Ms Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani premier, last week. ISSN: ISSN 0174/7563 commission paritaire no 67808D. The RNIB Looking Glass Appeal has now been set up so we can help fund our schools, colleges, and all the other services we run to help Britain's blind people live their lives to the full. Bruno Lasserre Ministers des Postes, des Telecommunications et de I'Espace Mr Hermann Neus IBM Germany Mr Derek Nicholas international Telecommunications users Group Mr Alan Home European Telecommunications Standards institute Mr Greg Staple international institute of communications Mr Bernard Smedley Motorola me Arranged in association with Telecom Markets (Fin Tech) 1 There is a limited amount of exhibition space available at the conference TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND THE EUROPEAN BUSINESS MARKET □ Please sand ma farther details. Address H A FINANCIAL TIMES INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Past Code- ia. India is now the only coun- try named under Soper 301 and faces possible sanctions next month because of what the US c onsider s unfair restrictions on fo rei g n investment and trade.Turkish relations with the ICO were already strained over its wqpfl Bfi diffidence during the exodus of ethnic Turks from Bulgaria last summer. We need to raise £10 million, and every penny counts. 1 enclose a cheque payable to RNIB or please charge my Access I I Visa Q card with the amount or £ FTs&i No - : - *•* 3B# j-A-.i-.i_t. □ l am interested In eu HWfnfl at ttiecaifannca Tk The Ftasnc W Times Conference Organisation 126 Jerreyn Street, London 8W1Y4UJ, UK TA 071 -825 2323 Fto Cdn-825217 FTGONFQ Name. Pepsi Co opposes sanctions despite having taken more than three years to win approval for its business pack- age in India after intense gov- ernment and puhhc scrutiny.31 9 157 • THE FINANCIAL TIMES LTM7TED 2590 EUROPE’S BUSINESS NEWSPAPER FINANCIAL H s DISARMAMENT Events overtake the tank talk Page 26 Friday May 25 1990 D 8523A World News Japan offers apology to S Korea for war brutality Japan's Emperor Akihlio formally apologised to Rdh Tae Woo, tne South Korean President, for the “sufferings your people underwent" during the Japanese occupation of the Korean p eninsula.

warned by the European Com- mfaskui that its restrictions 1 on private networks may be in co n tra v ention of the Treaty . Paged : SIR James Goldsmith's Hoy- lake consortium placed out more than half of its L25 per cant stake in its former bid .. Page SO FUJITSU, leading Japanese rom pute r ma nt^ ctnrer^^mld .

Support from some of the ICG’s Arab members fax Turk- ish interests, especially Cyprus, have also dis ap pointed Ankara. Tel: (01) 4297 0621; Fax: (01) 4297 0629 Editor Sr Geoffrey Owen. Mr Christopher Sinclair, president of Pepsi-Cola Interna- tional, said the Pepsi Co joint venture with Punjab Agro Industries Corporation and Voltes, a Tata company, had to face more than 20 parliamen- tary debates and 15 committee reviews under two govern- ments.

Diplomatic sources in Ankara say that prehndnary talks have started between Israeli and Turkish nf Hrfaie on the sale of large amounts ctf water annually from the Mhnavga L Seyhan and Cehyan rivers in south-east Tur- key to Israel. The Pepsi Co package for its soft-drink concentrate plant involves setting up of a fruit and vegetable processing plant in Punjab with a heavy export commitment The company has agreed to generate exports equal to 50 per cent of its turn- over anti also that the foreign pnrrhangp inflow would be five times the outflow.

The Senate, dominated by the ruling Institutional Revolu- tionary Party, backed the ini- tiative after holding meetings with business and labour lead- ers.

It rejected any moves Implying loss of sovereignty.

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