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Bee Herz is 1 of only 11 psychic mediums in the world (along with James Van Praagh) that have been "Tested as Legitimate" by the extremely demanding scrutiny and requirements of Bob Olson, former skeptic and investigator.In Bee's psychic practice, Bee connects to a client's spiritual guides and higher-self to deliver guidance and direction on issues ranging from careers to relationships.Her childhood home was extremely active with paranormal activity.

In 1999 Oman started helping his father build the house on Cielo Drive, just down the drive from the infamous Sharon Tate Murders aka the Manson Murders - after 2 years of living in the house he created a story based upon his experiences in the home with the activity.She communicates with loved ones on the other side as they watch over us and continue to guide us in our daily lives.To learn more about Kitty and her work, visit: in Monday, October 14th at AM (PST) and Listen in as Dave and Kitty share...It was only when she met her Spiritual Mentor & Astrology teacher and learned how to work with the information in her own Astrological Birth Chart that life began to dramatically change for her.She was finally able to see the higher purpose behind many of the painful experiences she faced throughout her life and understood what she was supposed to have learned from them.

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