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Perhaps he could have been someone involved in settling Jolie into her new house — the million estate in Los Feliz she bought last year, which once belonged to legendary director Cecil B. Incidentally, Jolie’s mansion is “just down the street” from Pitt’s estate in Los Feliz — for the sake of the kids, of course.

Whether or not there is a real estate agent boyfriend in Jolie’s life, or she’s just single and focusing on her kids, her friends are relieved to see her happy for a change, ET reported.

She is often spotted out and about in Los Angeles, usually with one of her six kids in tow, doing ordinary-people things like shopping at a neighborhood Whole Foods or going to the movies — including, reportedly, the new “Tomb Raider” reboot, starring Alicia Vikander in the iconic role that Jolie made famous in 2001’s “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and the 2003 sequel.

As soon as Ripa drew Pitt's name, Haddish interjected, "I just met him in the elevator!

He said in one year, if he's single and I'm single, we gonna do it, so you know what that means..."But Haddish, apparently, isn't yet sold on the idea. "I don't know if I could deal with a man that's got that many kids." Luckily, she's got a whole year to weigh the pros and cons of dating a single dad.

But not so fast, sources have told both Us Weekly and People.

Both outlets reported Tuesday, citing their own Jolie sources, that Jolie isn’t dating a real estate agent — or anyone for that matter at the moment.

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