Jquery not validating on submit

property The General Guidelines section provides detailed discussion of the design and ideas behind the plugin, explaining why certain things are as they are.It covers the features in more detail than the API documentation, which just briefly explains the various methods and options available.Eventually I decided to use Nu Get instead of downloading the files myself. I deleted all involved scripts and scriptbundles and got the following packages (latest versions as of now) bundles. Each one can be disabled, see the onxxx options (onsubmit, onfocusout, onkeyup, onclick).focus Invalid focuses elements when submitting an invalid form.

So when you try out other demos, try to react like one of your users would, and see if the behaviour is better then.

If not, please let me know about any ideas you may have for improvements! Throughout the documentation, two terms are used very often, so it's important that you know their meaning in the context of the validation plugin: The validate method returns a Validator object that has a few public methods that you can use to trigger validation programmatically or change the contents of the form.

The validator object has more methods, but only those documented here are intended for usage.

Use rules and messages to specify which elements to validate, and how.

See rules() for more details about specifying validation rules.

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