Just hookup info

The lug spacing looks closer together on the .1 than the 100k.

The actual board holes for these parts are shown in the image above right Note that the .1 and 100K holes are spaced evenly on the board.

All four lugs to the right of the 22k get laced together You can hook the right side of the 22k resistor to any one of those four lugs.

The newer style layout diagrams are taken from the same CAD program I use to make the pre-drilled boards The turret lug layout on these diagrams is exactly like it is on the pre-drilled boards I sell.

In other words, pin 7 on one power tube goes to pin 7 on the next power tube.

Keeping the wires in phase helps with hum sometimes.EL84 power tubes heater connections are pins 4 and 5. Half wave rectifier circuit - This circuit is found on the old 6G15 Fender stand alone reverb units.It produces very rough DC voltage and needs lots of filtering to smooth it out.This drawing shows common hookup info codes used on my layout diagrams. No connect is a pin on a tube that is not connected internally.Notes: Blue parts are usually 3 watt, 5 watt or 10 watt. You can use these pins as terminal connectors since they just dead end and do not enter the tube.

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