Lactating and dating

When a person is malnourished, the hormone-producing glands—like the pituitary gland, which generates prolactin—are impeded, but so too is the hormone-destroying liver.

If proper nourishment is later provided, the glands recover much more quickly than the liver, causing hormone levels to skyrocket.

In fact, humans have been touting the milk-boosting benefits of beer for centuries. C., records ," a food thought to stimulate lactation.

Over the centuries, this became an established belief in traditions around the world."It's cross-cultural," said Maija Bruun Haastrup, a clinical pharmacologist at Odense University Hospital in Denmark.

Gary Beauchamp and Julie Mennella, two biopsychologists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, carried out landmark in the 1990s showing that when mothers consume alcohol and breast-feed, it seems to alter the flavor of their milk, causing infants to feed less over a certain period of time."Essentially, the hypotheses are that the alcohol is affecting either the infant or the mother," Beauchamp, now emeritus director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center, told Live Science.

In a of more than 40 papers, Haastrup identified another pattern in the research, highlighting how alcohol impacts the way the body discharges milk.

To Guinness lovers, this might be a welcome nugget of advice. One thing we do know is that the idea has roots deep in history, long before Guinness came along."Something I find very interesting is that we have this same old-wives tale everywhere."[In the early 1900s, the marketing campaign around Guinness, in particular, gave it a special identity as a "healthful" beverage.Because the beer initially was manufactured with a kind of yeast that gave it a high iron content, it was ." Nursing mothers were then encouraged to imbibe this drink as a milk-boosting tonic, too.A 38-year-old Sri Lankan man proved in 2002, that this point is actually true when he reportedly began breastfeeding his second child after his wife died in the course of childbirth.New mothers are commonly heaped with advice — some of it welcome, some not.

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