Law of attraction and internet dating

You won’t latch onto every person who comes into your orbit as being the ‘one,’ simply because they meet some of your criteria or the sheer fact they may express some interest in you.

In making peace with being single, it will be easier to set some standards, and stick to them.

I would also throw in the fact that we have a lot of misunderstandings about how the law of attraction works, and we misinterpret manifestations big-time, which just throws us out of alignment even further.

Making peace with being single…I can’t stress this enough and it is the thing you will have the hardest time doing. I cried many times over my single status, unrequited loves and what not.

Not that financial stability, for example, was a dealbreaking consideration — just now I was not looking for Mr. DTF (Down to Fuck) and ultimately, even, up for marrying — open to whatever delights await me within the spread, so to speak.

So, today I am going to talk some law of attraction and relationships, courtesy of some great questions from a reader…questions that hit on so many issues that strike fear in our hearts and trip us up constantly, leaving us convinced we are doomed in the love department.

I have a question about love relationships, something that I am in struggling right now.

Not because finding love is an inherently more difficult thing to manifest, or because the Universe thinks we really have to ‘earn’ it and prove we are worthy of a proper mate.

It is because we have a hell of a lot of baggage around it, and detachment seems damn near impossible, especially if you happen to be a lady whose biological clock is ticking so loudly, you can barely hear yourself think.

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