Leader lines excel updating

Below is all the data and formula required to create the chart.The highlighted cells contain the actual charted data.Perhaps you should consider simplying your pie chart by consolidating some of your pie slices into an "Other" category or by using a Pie-of-pie chart.When there are many data in a pie chart in Excel, and after adding data labels to the pie, the labels will be huddled together, which make you confused as below screenshot shown.But if you display the leader lines in the pie chart, the pie chart will be viewed clearly.

Is there a way to specify that I want the leader lines to be STRAIGHT lines and not have the kink in them? I have used the Colo Graphics Exporter to create the jpg file of what it looks like, but I don't know how to post it here.

It is helpful when you have placed a data label away from a data point. The leader lines will be formatted as per your choices.

In earlier versions of Excel, only the pie charts had this functionality.

Frankly, I find leader lines add clutter, so it's better to only use the ones that are needed when labels are moved so they don't overlap.

A Leader Line is a line that connects a data label and its associated data point.

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