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Other than a 23 kg (51 lb) mute swan (Cygnus olor), the maximum size of the large bustards exceeds that of other flying birds.

have been reported, but none of these giant sizes have been verified and some may be from unreliable sources.Kori bustards are distinguished from Denham's bustard (Neotis denhamii) and Ludwig's bustard (Neotis luwigii), both of which they sometimes forage with, by their greyer appearance and by their lack of a tawny red hind-neck and upper mantle.In flight it can be distinguished from both of these somewhat smaller bustards by not displaying any white markings on the upperwing, which is uniformly grey here.The female kori bustard weighs an average of 4.8 to 6.1 kg (11 to 13 lb), with a full range of 3 to 7 kg (6.6 to 15.4 lb). Female length is from 80 to 120 cm (2 ft 7 in to 3 ft 11 in) and they usually stand 60 cm (2 ft 0 in) tall and have a wingspan of 177 to 220 cm (5 ft 10 in to 7 ft 3 in).Females of the nominate race (35 specimens) in Namibia weighed a mean of 5.62 kg (12.4 lb), while females from A. The standard measurements of the male include a wing chord of 69.5 to 83 cm (27.4 to 32.7 in), a tail measures from 35.8–44.7 cm (14.1–17.6 in), a culmen from 9.5 to 12.4 cm (3.7 to 4.9 in) and a tarsus from 20 to 24.7 cm (7.9 to 9.7 in).

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