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It is of course not at all surprising to see a worn out elderly whore like Liv Tyler having to resort to raping a chained up young man in this scene, and that Liv would insist on doing it for real without the use of fancy Hollywood vagina protecting prosthetics.

The poor actor in this sex scene with Liv will definitely have to go on disability for both PTSD and a chronic case of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea after having Liv Tyler grind her ancient rotten crotch all over his tiny manhood.

Nuns, Nikki Benz & Jessica Jaymes wrap their lips around their heavenly priest's hard taboo cock!

Devil in the Flesh (1986)This film, loosely based on the infamous novel by Raymond Radiguet, follows the highly passionate love affair between a shy and studious young man and an explosively sexual woman.

You will notice some drop in quality when you are checking out amateur gay porn vids, but this is perfectly understandable as the sources are totally different.

One thing you can count on with Gay Sex Video O is that you will be seeing primo gay action.

Directed by Marco Bellocchio and starring Maruschka Detmers.

Idiots (1998)This Lars von Trier film about a group of intelligent, bored individuals who decide to stir up their lives by acting as if they have developmental disabilities in public, was the second film made under the strictures of Dogme 95, requiring natural lighting, handheld cameras, and no special effects or makeup.

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