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Synchronize does not affect the Nature of roaming Pokémon, Pokémon revived from Fossils, or Pokémon in the Entree Forest. Madam Celadon has the player select two flowers whose colors each represent a stat: The first flower the player chooses determines the stat the Nature increases, and the second flower determines the stat it decreases.In Pokémon Emerald, it does not affect the Nature of stationary Pokémon (such as Regirock or Rayquaza). While the effect does last for the rest of the day, the player can change the nature at any time by paying Madam Celadon again.Starting in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the stats increased or decreased by a Pokémon's Nature have (respectively) a red or blue highlight on a Pokémon's summary screen.Natures also determine the Pokémon's favorite flavor and its disliked flavor: Each stat is associated with a flavor, and each Pokémon's favorite flavor is the one associated with the stat increased by its Nature, while it dislikes the flavor associated with the decreased stat.From Generation V onward, it is stored in an unrelated variable.A Pokémon transported to Pokémon Bank from a Virtual Console core series game has its nature set upon being transported.

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nature) are a mechanic that influences how a Pokémon's stats grow. A Pokémon's Nature is displayed on the Pokémon's summary screen.

A Pokémon's Nature is determined when it is generated by the game: when it is encountered in the wild, when it is obtained as an Egg, or when it is given to the player by a non-player character.

In the Generation III games (except Pokémon Emerald) and the Generation V games, a Pokémon's Nature is determined when the player receives the Egg from the Day-Care Man; in Pokémon Emerald and the Generation IV games, a Pokémon's Nature is determined when the Day-Care Man obtains the Egg.

A Pokémon's nature cannot be changed once generated.

In Generations III and IV, Nature is determined by the Pokémon's personality value.

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