Love dating sim game cheats

Then you can go to your apartment in the present day and get on the computer. She is a doll created by a Wizard, who put her under a sleeping spell after his death.She is very shy and quiet, but craves love and affection.on the PC you make your sims in love or marrid and make them relax on the bed together then if you click on the girl or the boy it will say try for babey click on that and after you here the soft music after you women will get pregnant after a few Mario cheats on her with Paulina i saw them kiss hes a cheater .Luigi and peach are in love also daisy cheated on Luigi just put for Mario : Mario cheats on peach and for daisy put :daisy cheats on Luigi.He is a bit scatterbrained, but loving and compassionate.

He tends to get exasperated by his little brother's antics, and calls him Theodore (which annoys Teddy) but loves him a great deal.The player can interact with eight dateable characters and choose between multiple endings. Although she is initially desperate to get home, she begins to realize that the potential for love is all around her, in the past and the present.There are also available cheat codes to skip days, earn money, earn hp, unlock characters and skip the relationships to get the full relationship. However, she can't live in two worlds forever and will have to chose one.Likes: Novels, Tea Nathan is a kind and generous clock-maker in Old Reton. Likes: Tea, Digital Watch Roland is a pilot that Saige meets in Old Reton.He is the first person to take Saige in after her travel through time. He is initially quite hostile towards Saige but eventually warms up to her.

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