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Felicia Pearson is straight and has been downright flaming -- she is breaking our gaydar!Don't get me wrong but the manliest men often have man-crushes on effeminate men.According to her memoir, Grace After Midnight, she met her biological parents very few times; her mother was a crack addict and her father was an armed robber.At the age of 14, she was convicted of second degree murder after the shooting of a girl named Okia Toomer, and was sentenced to two eight-year terms, to be served consecutively, at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women in Jessup, Maryland.

OI It i SDII s CALGUl Bi IROOVb Ritp Screen Domination By the U. Liioruious Drop in Exports o J Caiiudidii H heat Ui AWA. PRISIIN "We (lid not kixyw tlieie ladv tliere," they replied and rendered a potential hostage oalsht i Mvo brangbt a that ran Although the 8tat« prison houses approximately SOO inmates, only a small portion of them were believed by officials to have taken any part in the atfemp N 'l d- h\f rv f'ontinued from Page 1 uniforms, be used for purciiasing high explosives— or simply lieard M. came dow^ a spiral stairway eowtaf him irtth his au- ■XOCri NG INCIDFNT As the outbreak wa.s n i mk Thelma, the pretty nincteeii ycar- old daughter of Warden Llnsott.

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The music video for the song featured clips from The Wire.

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Jam« Maxton Sorry Labor Govcrnmeiit ^ Has Not Takes Mo KPfoim Pockets of Wealthy - — ^Believes Chanfes Can Be Broogbc Aboat Withovc Bloodsbed— Ministfrs Are Rapped Delegate Calls for Mass k " Action With Revolution H, UKOIKi K II ^M 1)1 M OW railway dlrec- torn and ci'v f:ii Hiiciers rather than leaders of the British co-operative movement.'' On tba fthar hand. Mazton eontratotatad Frlam Minister Ram- Miv Mai-Donald OA his tnmendous prnpii Kiiiida on behalf of world ]f Hi f Tliiiii Kh hf Ihtiiik'ht. delegated by the Do OB^rfon Govarnfl MBt to attend i onsiiltative meetings of the l eague of Nati OM at Ueneva, sailed recently irom New Yorlc Waterways Bill to Be Introduced Will Make Appropriation WAii Hl NUTON, D. Stonr o( outbreak in United SUtes i& m Sh SRS «» «I shirrtlng ana sr oonviet enivairy. This was in comparison 'otal ex- port of Te S.74e,142 bushels valued at 4 I41..12S In th» eigiit month* Miv ;. 1 1 am ami Hits Sir ike iii J upon Not Smcces Mful TQKIO. SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 1930 Uvily ii 8Mi|iai IK (Oiiir N III ii Kiil. i.^ ■■, rrdiire OWl MS't itrnu'-v in the matter of « i '«mi 1 1 »i imnciil each agreeing to ni Miii! far tlw »w»OM «f Mtt Mnt th« funeral «f Mr tola kratl Mr, u s.

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