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This protection is undermined when unscrupulous physicians monetize their license and abuse the authority delegated to them from the state by granting unwarranted MEs (medical exemptions).

Public health officers need the information to identify these physicians and the authority to withdraw their ability to grant MEs and to invalidate unwarranted MEs to protect children and public health.

Health officers expressed frustration with their lack of authority to limit unprofessional behavior by physicians granting large numbers of unwarranted MEs and thus putting students at risk.

A local health officer who tracked MEs faced a failed lawsuit and personal attacks by antivaccine extremists.

One of the most important decisions you can make for your school is whether or not to mandate health insurance for your international students.

At Lewer Mark, we highly recommend making health insurance mandatory. Because mandatory student health insurance is a form of risk mitigation for both your students and your school.

I love sports, mostly college basketball and football, hockey, and baseball.

He had to put up with racist attacks and public confrontations during and after the battle to pass SB277.

Whether you operate a large school or a small school, there is always room for error when it comes to covering all your bases.

If every student is left to pursue his or her own personal medical coverage, some students will fall through the cracks and end up uninsured.

The authors uncovered four general themes from these interviews The authors also found that SB277 put an undue burden on school staff to review these medical exemptions.

Because of a shortage of school nurses in public schools across the state, secretaries, registrars, and other staff, who are probably not qualified to determine the validity of medical exemptions are forced to review them. (who frequently writes articles on this website), wrote an associated commentary, also published in the same issue of .

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