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but no sign of an eruption…’ ‘With a thunderous explosion… Helens began to spew ash and steam, marking the first significant eruption in the conterminous United States since …1917.

174 shocks with magnitudes greater than 2.6 were recorded… The crown of the ash column rose to about 6,000 feet above the volcano. The ash blown out between March 27 and May 18 was derived entirely from the 350-year-old summit dome… PDT, apparently in response to a magnitude 5.1 earthquake about 1 mile beneath the volcano, the bulged, unstable north flank of Mount St.A magnitude 5 earthquake was accompanied by a debris avalanche, which in turn unloaded the confining pressure at the top of the volcano by removing the cryptodome.This abrupt pressure release allowed hot water in the system to flash to stream, which expanded explosively, initiating a hydrothermal blast directed laterally through the landslide scar… down the volcanic conduit to the subsurface magma reservoir, which then began to rise, form bubbles and erupt explosively, driving a 9-hour long Plinian (enormous columns of tephra and gas) eruption… Helens is located in Washington State and is said by the U. Geological Survey (USGS) “to be the most active volcano in the Cascade Range, and it is the most likely of the contiguous U. volcanoes to erupt in the future.” On May 18, 1980, the mountain made history as the most catastrophic eruption in America in the last few hundred years. According to the USGS, “magma began intruding into the Mount St.According to Information Resource Center, the mountain use to be called by certain Indians, ‘Louwala-Clough,’ or ‘Smoking Mountain.’ In 1792, Captain Vancouver (also named Mount Rainier) named it in honor of Baron A. Helens edifice in the late winter and early spring of 1980.

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