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She added, "Sometimes I just forget that we're interracial. About 6.8 percent of newly married couples reported marrying outside their race or ethnicity in 1980.That figure jumped to about 14.6 percent in the Pew report released this week, which surveyed newlyweds in 2008."It was more about personalities and having things in common that really drove us together." Yagan attributes the increase in interracial relationships to the Internet, which makes it easier to connect with someone of a different race.People who live in a community where race is an issue can meet someone of another race more privately, than say, instead of having to start their relationship in a public setting.

The Pew Center study released Friday found that marrying outside of one's race or ethnicity is most common among Asians and Hispanics, two immigrant groups that have grown tremendously."We are seeing an increasingly multiracial and multiethnic country," said Andrew Cherlin, professor of public policy and sociology at Johns Hopkins University."The change in our population is bringing more people into contact with others who aren't like them." The Pew Center also found education and residency affected whether people married interracially, with college-educated adults being more likely to do so."If I'm a college graduate, I am going to marry another graduate," Cherlin said."It's of secondary importance if that person is my race." Technology is also making it easier for people to date outside their races, said Sam Yagan, who founded Ok, a free Internet dating site.

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