Nnamdi asomugha dating kerry washington

Directed by Matt Ruskin, the movie, which won the Audience Award for U. Dramatic Film at Sundance earlier this year, tells the true story of Colin Warner, a Trinidadian Brooklynite who at 19 was arrested and charged with a murder he didn’t commit.He went on to serve 20 years in prison before finally having his conviction overturned. And what was the arc from there to you playing Carl? Our amazing director [Matt Ruskin] was kind of passing around a five-minute documentary throughout the industry of the two guys, and he just wanted someone to be interested and to help him as far as getting it done. I got pulled over for being in my mom’s car, and the cops just basically telling me that I didn’t look like the type of person who should have this car and said that I stole it and then arrested me for it.And what would Kerry get out of this bearding relationship?Well, the true identity of her baby daddy would remain secret, and she’d be free to go about her business, without any of the paparazzi or media linking her to random men every other week. Is Nnamdi actually gay, and is Kerry bearding for him? You have a family in your life, why are you wasting your time on me?” and Carl is looking at him and says, “It’s not just about you. It could have been any of us.” And I remember just being in that moment there were a lot of heavy things I could pull on just even to say that. It was so heavy for me I couldn’t even bring myself to breaking down and crying about it. ” So I tried to be as close to what he said happened in those moments and let it affect me more on the inside and see if that could come out outside and onto the screen.These days, the much maligned model-turned-actress descriptor has lost some of its sting as a dismissive (see: Cara Delevingne, Dree Hemingway).

One has to wonder, can Hollywood power coupledom be far off? When I was between the age of thirteen and sixteen, I was arrested twice and both times were for things I didn’t do. Those personal experiences for you happened when you were around the same age that Colin was when he was arrested. I mean for me, just the fact that it happened and even just the one day in the holding cell you feel the outrage, the embarrassment, the shame and just the hate for everyone and everything. So it’s always interesting when I’m with Colin and I’m talking to him about his time and all that he went through and even getting out and just being so giving to everyone who got him in that situation, it just baffles me.

“Scandal” star Kerry Washington is reportedly expecting her first child with NFL player husband Nnamdi Asomugha, according to Us Weekly.

“She’s about four months along,” a friend of the 36-year-old actress told the mag.

A new report from Bossip alleges that Nnami is actually gay, and Kerry’s actually bearding for him.

If this allegation is true, the timeline surrounding their relationship makes sense.

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