Nssd dating

In 1997, the UN General Assembly Special Session set a target date of 2002 for all countries to have introduced such strategies.Shaping the 21st Century commits DAC members to support developing countries in the formulation and implementation of nssds through a partnership approach.The DAC Working Party on Development Cooperation and the Environment (WP/ENV) has mandated a Task Force, co-led by the United Kingdom and the European Commission, to produce guidance on best practice for assisting developing countries with the formulation and implementation of nssd processes.A scoping workshop in November 1998 brought together Task Force and developing country representatives to discuss the broad directions for this work.

But the challenge is: to gain clarification on what initiative(s) make up the nssd; and then to identify what improvements need to be made to these initiatives or developed between them such as umbrella frameworks, systems for participation and national sustainable development forums so that they meet the definition of an nssd.The dialogues will review experience with nssds and examine how donors can best assist developing countries in such processes.As well as contributing to the production of generic guidance for donors, the country/regional dialogues aim to make a concrete contribution to nssd processes and donor coordination in the participating countries.(October 1999 - February 2000).Let’s hope for the best for Tiffany in her love life!The goal of the project is to encourage the implementation of nssds in all countries by 2005, so as to ensure that current trends in the loss of environmental resources are effectively reversed at both global and national levels by 2015.

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