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] to back and side inflicted by 2-and-a-half-inch pocket-knife blade - penetrative rape reported - and a TV set missing from motel - night of Sunday-Monday. at 372 Mount Prospect Ave, Newark, Essex County, N. Cromwell Terrace Apartments, in the basement boiler room. Identified by father Alfred Grosshans of 1830 Ostwood Terrace, Union NJ, and Mrs. Victims were stabbed in the neck, face and chest by a long-bladed kitchen knife. Stabbed once in the chest with a hunting knife while walking on Irvington Street to wait for her mother as she was pulling out her car from the rear of their nearby apartment building. Children who witnessed the stabbing described a middle-aged white man in his mid-forties, stocky, about 220 lbs, with thick grey hair, “lifeless” pale face, wearing a dark grey or brown felt fedora and olive green three-quarter length corduroy coat and grey pants.

The door to basement and boiler room was usually kept unlocked according to the custodian who discovered her body. Employed as desk clerk at Dixie Motel on Route 1 in Woodbridge where she was last seen early Monday morning a.m. Remnants of take-out dinner found on desk in motel office. Resided at 542 [or 153] Cooper Street, Iselin, Woodbridge, NJ. Anne was still wearing heavy wool coat and groceries were found on the floor by her. More than a hundred dollars were found at the scene and nothing appeared to be stolen. Subject walked around to Prince Street dropping the hunting knife about 200 feet away from the scene.

Souvenir letter opener dagger left at scene on the floor between the victim's legs by perpetrator. Victim might have been wearing a white student nurse uniform. Student nurse left dormitory at Hackensack Hospital School of Nursing pm to go home and found in her home in the living room [den] by her father at p.m. Attack began in bedroom upstairs and progressed down the stairs into the living room [den]. Stabbed post-mortem 60 times with an 18-inch kitchen knife in the neck and chest. A four-inch souvenir curved dagger from the Jordanian Pavilion at New York Worlds Fair 1964-65 was brought to the scene by the perpetrator and found on the floor between the victim's legs. Cause of death: brain hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma to back of the head and hypothermia. Witnesses claimed to have seen her in the vicinity at pm. Four-inch scissors driven into in her left breast post-mortem. Last seen buying cleaning supplies and thank-you notes at about pm Monday. Found laying on her back, head pointing west, about 20-25 feet from the side walk.

Forensic characteristics: abducted or ambushed - killed in the vicinity of the encounter - on rural road and bush terrain - found facedown in six-inches of water on bank of creek - mud and sand found in mouth - clad in orange blouse ripped open in front - peddle-pusher/toreador style pants partly pulled down - no penetrative rape reported or determined - walked or forced through bush on footpath from road to creek - drowned forcibly by head being held in mud and creek - purse found on the opposite bank of the creek with contents intact - Sunday afternoon.

Last seen walking on Champlain and turning south down Sunnymeade Road the Polish Falcon Camp on Falcon Road, approximately 1.2 miles away. Mae Rubenstein was left alone in house while mother Anne was shopping.

Found June 8, 1963 face down in six inches of water in Royces Brook, according to newspaper "200 yards upstream from Sunnymeade Road" and "600-800 yards south of where last seen at Champlain Road, Hillsborough, N. Forensic characteristics: victim abducted around midnight from place of work (motel office) - transported in perpetrator's vehicle to an apartment building boiler room - found face down on a rug pad - hands tied separately spread eagle by neckties taken from old clothes storage bin in basement to pipe situated about six inches above the floor - man's shirt and necktie knotted around throat - dress and sweater raised to neck - wearing bra - undergarments, shoes and stockings scattered on the floor - 62 stab wounds [post-mortem ? 437 South Third Ave in Highland Park, Middlesex County, NJ Cause of death: child Mae stabbed 15 times with death caused by severing the jugular vein; Anne stabbed 35 times stab wound to the left chest heart causing death Forensic characteristics: double murder - in home - no penetrative sexual assault reported - no theft -Stabbing - female child 12 years-old initial victim found in kitchen - mother found in entryway. Anne was slain in the front foyer leading to the bedroom when she returned home probably after Mae was murdered in the kitchen.

Perry was found found dressed in her green dress, shoes and undergarments.

(Some reports indicate that the garments were disheveled ripped or torn.) Susan Davis was nude and died of wound to the neck that severed her larynx and was also stabbed on the left side of her abdomen and the right side of her neck.

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