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But instead of contacting you with a link or hiding behind a fake profile, they would have a picture directing you too said other website with some of the most hilarious names. I’d like to say that the differences from the past stop at internet dating, but they don’t.Then there are the more simple yet still annoying things people do with their profiles. Even when meeting people face to face, there has been a huge decline in the ability of others to just have a conversation.The most major difference as we all know is the advent and popularity of internet dating.Now, this is not my first rodeo when it comes to dating later in life nor with internet dating. So the options for finding a person who has some things in common with you and has similar goals in life is limited.To say wading into the ocean that is the dating world at 46 years old differs from what it was like in my twenties is beyond an understatement.Hell, it’s different that it was even 5 years ago and the surf can be rough.

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I mean, most other options aren’t any better if not worse. Of course it’s not impossible but the chances are slim it will work out. Yes your chances are better in finding an equal more aligned with who you are but when they don’t work out, it can get messy and awkward. I do like being able to filter out people who smoke and want kids.When I first got back onto internet dating I was woefully unprepared for this.At first I could not actually figure out what was going on but quickly realized it and was kind of annoyed it wasn’t obvious to me from the start.The biggest difference today is the amount of fake profiles that I have encountered.That is why is used the term “real” a few sentences ago.

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