Pat summitt and bruce pearl dating

Former Longhorns coach Jody Conradt, also a Hall of Famer, first met Summitt at a basketball camp in North Carolina around 1974, when Summitt took over at Tennessee.

Conradt at the time was coaching at UT Arlington, and when she got the job at Texas in 1976, she knew it was important to start a series with Tennessee.

It seems, however, that the Orange One thinks something a little fishy might have been going on with Selby, and he doesn’t like it.

To continue the crude metaphor, Pearl’s main problem is with the other guys that may be Facebooking the new girl or sending their friends to let her know they might be interested if she gets rid of that pesky boyfriend.

“And if they think it’s in their best interests to open up their recruiting and look at something else, then they should do that because I don’t want somebody that doesn’t want to necessarily play for us.

And I think every mother or father wants what’s best for their kids.

Even the untrained, like yourselves, likely came to the same conclusion. And if I’m not what’s best for their kids…then that’s fine.Then you go find somebody that is.” So if a kid wants to go to another school, that’s kosher, according to Pearl.That began in 1978; to date, they've played 37 times, with the Lady Vols leading 23-14."Pat's teams were always competitive; they were always physical; they were always tough," Conradt said."Having known what she was like as a player, I knew they were totally a reflection of her.

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