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She believes the magic of pursuing someone has been lost because of the saturation of dating apps.“People don’t know how to communicate properly any more and in turn have lost their manners,” she said.“Some people have completely lost touch with their sensitivity chips and have become so disconnected that people seem disposable to them.“It’s easier for a lot of people to just swipe on to the next date instead of investing time and really getting to know someone on an emotional level.”Ms Archer recalled a date last year at which the recently separated man stalked his former partner’s social media in front of her — then denied it by saying he was “doing visual research for a vision board”.

Freelance filmmaker Reece Bagrowski, 26, has been in several relationships which lasted about five or six months.

Whilst ‘the one’ wasn’t there this time around, overall I’d have to say my first speed dating experience was a success.

Not a success as in finding the love of my life, but a success in the sense that someone asked me if I’d been paid to be there. So Perth, next time you're out and about in our beautiful city - put yourself out there: talk to someone new, make a move, ask a question, or better yet, ask someone out on a date.

Psychologist and e Harmony relationship expert Sharon Draper said many clients found it challenging to make a genuine connection.

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Having not been on a date recently, dating eight men in one evening could have been seen as excessive, but I like to think of it as making up for lost time.“Women have progressed way more than men over the years,” she said.“It used to be men with the mortgages and the jobs and trying to better themselves, but you don’t see that these days.“Most still live at home.They’re lazy, they don’t have to make any effort.“I’m 28 and I’m getting compared to 23-year-old Instagram models who don’t have baggage.”Flight attendant Emma Archer, 32, has been single for three years.After a careful review of the more widely held theories, it’s perhaps timely to reconsider the way in which we perceive the ‘ultimate betrayal’.As noted in the preamble, there’s no such thing as black and white infidelity.

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