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And then we would use them to comment on our own profiles. Because at this point, my game was already pretty good. But to capitalize on it, every fiber of your being must say to the woman that “I’m used to dating and sleeping with girls like you.” This is something that my friend Josh instinctively understood. In the old days of tactics from The Mystery Method, a lot of guys (myself included) used to think pre-selection was about telling wild stories about dating super models. Because the truth is, a man who actually bangs super models doesn’t feel the need to brag about it to women.

Although from what Rob Judge says, Tinder is like that now. (when you use it right- more on this in an upcoming email) Anyway… So, one of the things my friends and I used to do back in the day was create “fake profiles” of hot chicks. Now, I don’t want to sound cocky, but for me, yes it worked. There is a myth that “pre-selection” is about a girl seeing you with a hot girl, and suddenly she’ll want you. At best, when a girl sees you with a hot girl she suddenly pays slightly more attention to you. See, when a girl is paying attention to you, she starts looking for the REAL CLUES. And give you the benefit of the doubt and will be more likely to become attracted to you. Gimmicks like “fake profile comments” can get you slightly more attention from girls.

His focus is on bars, nightclubs, and other nightlife environs, and he’s taught numerous students in the field to get results with girls.

In early 2007, back when I was still trying to figure out how to achieve consistent results picking up women in bars and nightclubs, I took some time to look back over the successful pickups I'd had over the past 6 or 7 months to see what common patterns I could pick out among them.

In experiments that involved placing a female looking bird doll next to the male bird’s nest, the male birds with the dolls mated more frequently than their control counterparts without fake bird dolls.

Even in humans, the use of a woman through paying her (extreme example) still implies resources to wealth and the social intelligence of setting up the arrangement.

First, the male must have some S&R value in order for other females to be interested in him.And after a while, you’ll realize that it all bollocks anyway.I am a 53 year old veteran, but have been married for 19 years, separated for the last four.A biological attraction trigger will go off when a woman sees a PUA with another woman of high value.The best evidence of pre-selection is to have attractive HBs with you.

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