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What basis does Martin take in the inventory and land and in the partnership interest following the distribution? ,000 basis in inventory; ,000 basis in land, ,000 basis in partnership. ,000 basis in inventory; ,000 basis in land, ,000 basis in partnership. ,000 basis in inventory; ,000 basis in land, ,000 basis in partnership. ,000 basis in inventory; ,000 basis in land, ,000 basis in partnership. ,000 basis in inventory; ,000 basis in land, ,000 basis in partnership. ,50 Andrew receives a proportionate nonliquidating distribution from the AEF Partnership.

In addition, Martin’s share of partnership debt decreased by ,000 during the year.

No gain or loss is recognized to a partnership on a distribution of property or money to a partner.[27] The one exception is for disproportionate distributions, which are treated as a sale or exchange by the partnership.

Comparison to Corporations: Because no gain or loss is recognized on a distribution of money or property to a partner, partners are able to defer recognition of the gain in the appreciated property.

A partner’s initial basis in his partnership interest depends on how the partner acquired the interest.

If the partner acquired the interest in exchange for a contribution to the partnership, his basis generally equals the amount of money and the partner’s adjusted basis in any property contributed to the partnership.[2] If the property is subject to indebtedness at the time of the contribution, the partner’s basis is reduced by the portion of the debt that is assumed by the other partners.[3] If the partner acquired his interest in exchange for services, his basis equals the value of services provided.[4] If the partner purchased his partnership interest, his basis equals his cost.[5] The partner’s initial basis is adjusted to give effect to transactions affecting the partnership.

These adjustments to basis work with the rules governing distributions to ensure that partnership income is taxed and deductions are taken only once.

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,47 Megan’s basis was 0,000 in the MAR Partnership interest just before she received a proportionate nonliquidating distribution consisting of land held for investment (basis of ,000, fair market value of 0,000) and inventory (basis of ,000, fair market value of ,000). The distribution consists of ,000 cash and property (adjusted basis to the partnership of ,000 and fair market value of ,000). In contrast, distributions of appreciated property by C corporations and S corporations are treated as though the property were sold to the shareholder at fair market value.[28] For S corporations, this deemed sale results in gain recognized by the S corporation, which is passed through to the shareholders and increases their basis in the S corporation stock.[29] The distribution then reduces the shareholder’s basis.[30] Assuming the S corporation has no accumulated earnings and profits, the shareholder will have no gain on the later distribution except to the extent that the amount of the distribution exceeds his adjusted basis in the stock.[31] A partner may withdraw from a partnership by either sale or liquidation of his partnership interest.A partner’s sale of his partnership interest is taxable.In addition, the partnership repays all liabilities, of which Ashleigh’s share was ,000.Ashleigh’s basis in the entity immediately before the distribution was ,000, which includes her share of Partnership liabilities.

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