Quiz score not updating flash as2

Likewise, the win labelled frame will call start Win. We often refrain from writing codes in the FLA file so that everything can be seen in the AS file, and it helps tremendously in debugging your codes.Basically, the function calls here only set up the codes for the buttons in that frame to make them function. This will be the heaviest start-kind-of-function as you can see.When I launch my scorm flash (as2) content in my LMS the first time it runs correctly.When I save my progress and return to the link a second time, the player hangs and instead of displaying the slide '1 of 2' for example, it displays 'Na N of 2' and hangs in perpetual loading.

If this sounds familiar I'd really appreciate some direction to where the problem may lie. Thanks in advance Brian I can't post a link to the LMS course to replicate the error but this is a version on the content. And which is exactly the line that does the printing? Also in the same JS code, you're assigning the "lesson_location" variable the direct value of "lesson_location" and then comparing it vs an integer (0), when it's always a string (best case is "0") because every SCORM variable is a string.The runnning course zip in the archive folder I have just realised, should not be there. I insist that perhaps it was some kind of misconfiguration on my behalf, but it might be doing the same to you. In the substring function (for AS1), the first parameter is position of the first character it will get from the string, and the second parameter is the position of the last character it will get from the string so..I placed it here: However it's not quite updating the lesson_location for some reason. The following: (in the function take Values From LMS()) .swf" the values from position 5 or position 27, and moved a bit up. Also, in theory, if the code looked looked like below, should the bookmarking work as expected? This would yield "string" on the output because I'm taking the 5th character as the start (a space) and the eleventh character as the end ("g"). But it didn't necessarily work that way and that's why it could go Na N. life is similarly set to 10 to give the player 10 tries.first Card and second Card are set to null because the player has yet to flip open any cards.

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