Quotes on dating a single mom dating the older

And one of the struggles every single mom has to face is protecting their children from those emotional attacks. Explaining the situation to the child When you are a single mom, it feels like you owe everyone you know an explanation as to how you ended up being a single mom.

You love your kids with all your heart, but it’s a lot to do on your own.Yes, the bills, food, and hospitalization expenses are just some of the things that a single mom has to take care of on her own.Whenever I hear my single friends (with no children) complaining about not having enough money for shopping, I would just smile, wishing my financial problems were just as simple as theirs. You have no right to complain Yes, everyone thinks it is your fault – it was your stupid choice which led you to be a single mom so you have no right to complain about whatever the heck you are going through.Sooner or later your kid is going to ask why other kids’ dads are with them every day and why he seldom sees his father. Dealing with the X There are various types of Xs but the most common are those who disappear into thin air and would be back after many years and the other who would be following you around promising he is a changed man but disappoints you every time you give him a “second chance.” Both types are better avoided but usually, kids would want to get to know their father so you have no choice but to try to be civil with the man for your child’s sake. Having time for yourself Being a single parent uses up all your time and energy on working to bring food to the table, paying the rent, bills, and attending to the kids that you barely have time to look into the mirror.Sometimes, although you would love to spend time with friends to unwind or go to a salon, you simply can’t.

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