Reggie miller is dating iphone app for gay dating site

The matter was taken to court after Reggie threatened to hurt Alex if he doesn't stop questioning him about Ali.

The matter resolved after Reggie apologized and both parties decided to shove the matter under the rugs.

Meet Laura Laskowski; she is the pretty girlfriend of former NBA player Reggie Miller.

Reggie spent his entire professional career playing with the Indiana Pacers, after his retirement, he joined TNT as a commentator for all NBA games.

His dating lifestyle took a long hiatus as he didn't go out with any woman for some year.

He also got the standing ovation for his last game.Despite the agreement, a banner was flown to insult Reggie and as per some sources, the stunt was pulled by Alex.However, further information about it has not been disclosed. Before exchanging their vows on 29th August 1992, this couple dated for 7 months. In August 2000, Reggie filed for divorce which was approved in 2001.Miller paid million for spousal support but his then-wife claimed in the court that Reggie had hidden a vast amount of money.Because of his action, he'll be able to give a mere amount of money in spousal support to his wife. The court granted the equal custody of children for both parties.

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