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Aimed at sixth form students, the Anthropocene resource pack presents a selection of evidence and asks pupils to decide for themselves if the Earth has entered the Anthropocene yet and if so, when?

It can be used either as a group or individual exercise, and provides experience in developing analytical skills.

See also Rock, Mineral, and Rock Cycle Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans. National Fossil Day Man y educational activities for a variety of subjects from the National Parks Service.

A free App that lets you take a geological map of Britain with you wherever you go to help you learn about the rocks beneath your feet.Relative dating lesson plan Fossil pictures for practical Suitable for all ages, from 10 year olds to adults. Students are given a list of possible diagnostic tests and minerals, and are asked to match appropriate tests to the minerals, plan the test and predict the outcome.Solve the crime using a newspaper report, evidence and interviews. Diagnostic Mineral Assessment Intro Diagnostic Mineral Assessment - Student Sheet Diagnostic Mineral Assessment - Grid Suitable for A level students, this lecture plan includes a series of questions and exercises, using slides of depositional environments.Teachers Guide to Wetland Activities Big pdf document from Ducks Unlimited. Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Scholastic.A 1st or 2nd-grade lesson plan using Peter Murray's book by this title. The American Prairie A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from The Discovery Education.

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