Rowupdating findcontrol vb net

This recursive method will search for a given control within a parent control and all it's child controls.

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I want to click Drop Down List to list one number of S...using javascript getting value from textbox when edit button is clicked and both controls are present in gridview control Hi All using javascript I want to get value from textbox when edit button is clicked and both controls that is texbox and button are present in gridview control . Basically,the menu will be like this, Categories Sub Categories. We have to call a generic method for doing the same .(since it can be done for multiple grid.) PFB the code snippet we use. The bolded part of the code is used to loop inside a grid view.(Not Working.)Is this ideal way to deal with the requirement. public void Disable Me(Page p1, populate a dropdownlist control and update the selected item in a gridview control Hi friends help me with this ... When I click on the Edit button, the page posts back and enters the following code: Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. These controls can be textbox, Drop Downlist (in Template Field), Comand Field present inside the grid.I can read the textbox info just fine, but not the ddl when Row Updating 'Row Updating Dim index As Integer = Convert. Row Index) Dim row As Grid View Row = gv Configuration. Text 'works ok Dim test1 As String = (CType((CType(sender, Grid View)).

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