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Part of this is because laughter releases oxytocin, a hormone that , increases trust, and quickens self-disclosure.

Furthermore, people are attracted to authenticity — and by revealing our own flaws in a humorous way, we are able to build bridges so that others feel comfortable lowering their guard, as well.

The act of poking fun at ourselves is admitting that we’re imperfect humans — but it’s only when we can recognize our own infallibility with kindness and grace that we’re more able to view those around us the same way.

In forgiving all of our awkward mishaps, we make room so that others can, too.

Luckily, science has begun to see the value in self-mockery, too.All of these habits can make you feel more relaxed and stave off tension in your body. This isn’t quite as scientific, but: I’ve noticed that the more I’m able to make someone laugh from my misfortunes, the better equipped I am at putting unsavory events from my past in a lighter perspective.Humor is a powerful tool for coping with any type of life stress, Cann explains, but knowing what kind of humor speaks to means that you can seek it out in advance so that it can act as a buffer. Ultimately, self-mockery should be a way of acknowledging our flaws and limitations through the softer lens of self-compassion.Cann believes that simply having this awareness of how humor can improve our lives can eventually lead to greater well-being.So if you’re looking for more reasons to break those awkward silences with a harmless self-jab, consider these five benefits of taking yourself less seriously.1. Having an optimistic outlook is what allows us to better express our joy and gratitude to others.

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