Sex and fling chats sites

In 2012, Nardone set out to build a social network for students called Unii from an office on Berkeley Street in London.That’s the Berkeley Street that adjoins the legendary Berkeley Square in Mayfair, where a nightingale once sang for Vera Lynn. The 28-year-old – who attended the £37,000-a-year Charterhouse boarding school before studying physics at Imperial College London – worked as a trader for Credit Suisse for a year before becoming a technology entrepreneur.The random recipients could then chat and reply to the sender.

The event was described to Business Insider by four former employees.

Nardone shouted and swore at Osmond before squaring up to him as if he was about to do something more, said two former employees.

At this point, Nardone’s Italian father, Remo Nardone – a man in his eighties and Fling’s biggest investor – stepped in to try and cool the situation down, one of the employees said. He swore at his father before hurling a Pret a Manger baguette in his direction.

London-based social media app Fling burned through million in less than three years. The founder splashed out on 1st class flights, Ibiza hotels, and Michelin-star restaurants.

The app struggled after Apple pulled it from the App Store last summer for becoming too sexually explicit.

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