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If you want to remove the ads, you can either subscribe to Badoo Premium, that will give you access to features that other users don’t have access to or Credits that will increase your visibility and popularity.We're also doing a lot to tackle Fake profiles online which is why we introduced photo verification. I don't know what purpose that serves other than to try and cripple the confidence of whose photo it is.No reason was given to any of them as to why they were suddenly blocked from access to its site.Do not trust them with any of your cards, or PHOTOS!If you are an American you will more than likely get scammed from this site.I've read hundreds of reviews on Apple, Google Play and online about this shady site.

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Most of the reviews online centered around Badoo charging customer's credit cards and kicking people off its site.

I am a member of badoo, with premium membership, what a waste of money.

Cannot contact visitors to my profile as it says i have chatted too much, thats why i got premium.... Join if you want, just never pay them money, I am an experienced user of online dating sites and have grown wise to the ways they try to extort extra money out of you, however my experience with Badoo has definitely topped the lot.

Users that have proved their real by verifying with a photo will have a white tick with a blue background on their profile. I'm thick-skinned so it didn't bother me.

However, if you happen to encounter an account you think might not be genuine, you'll always have the option to report it ot our team using ' Block or Report' button on their profile. But I had this vision of women low rating guys just to make the guys feel hurt.

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