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She fancied herself as the Backdoor Girl Next Door.

She had lost her anal virginity during her sophomore year at a post volleyball game rally.

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It was Friday, they had just gotten home from school, and were in a tizzy over the weekend's upcoming event.

That her friend Laura found anal sex pretty hot too made it easier for her to admit she wanted it and was hoping to find hung men who would want to buttfuck her.

During her volleyball games she'd wonder how many men out in the bleachers were looking at her ass, wanting to sodomize her.

As she began to explore her interest in anal sex, she realized other girls at her school preferred it too, a few of them even garnering exotic reputations in some circles.

Contributing to her excitement about anal sex was knowing that since the majority of girls apparently dreaded the idea, hated it even, by default then, wanting an extra-large cock in her butt made her feel very rebellious, naughty, unique within a sea of commonality.

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